PIS/Pasep allowance check how much workers should receive in 2022

With the new readjustment foreseen by the Federal Government for next year’s Budget, sent to the National Congress this Tuesday (31). The new forecast for the new minimum wage for 2022 will be R$1,069, that is, R$69 more than the current minimum wage value set at R$1,100.

The new minimum wage brings a series of impacts on labor benefits such as the PIS/Pasep salary bonus and INSS benefits. Therefore, let’s understand how the salary bonus values ​​will be for those who will receive in 2022.

PIS/Pasep deferred

Before talking about the values, it is important to remember that the PIS/Pasep 2020 base year allowance, which should have been released in July this year, was postponed to next year. The decision came through a Resolution published by the Curator Council of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat).

However, with the postponement of the 2020 salary bonus to next year, the new payment schedule has not yet been released. The release of the calendar should take place in January 2022, as companies need to send workers’ information by October and a period of four months is required to audit the information.

A positive point about the new postponement is that the Resolution published by Codefat determines that all workers entitled to PIS/Pasep will still be paid in the first half of next year. The rules for receiving remain unchanged.

PIS/Pasep value

The legislation determines that the PIS/Pasep is paid with the value of the current minimum wage. Therefore, workers who will receive the salary bonus next year should receive up to R$ 1,169 in 2022. It is worth remembering that the salary bonus is paid proportionally to the number of months worked.

However, according to the Ministry of Economy, the amounts are rounded up. Those who worked for a month, for example, would be entitled to R$ 97.41 in allowance. With rounding, the worker should receive R$ 98.

Number of months workedAmount receivable in 2022
1 month workedBRL 98
2 months workedBRL 195
3 months workedBRL 293
4 months workedBRL 390
5 months workedBRL 488
6 months workedBRL 585
7 months workedBRL 682
8 months workedBRL 780
9 months workedBRL 877
10 months workedR$975
11 months workedBRL 1,072
12 months workedBRL 1,169