Pix Saque will allow withdrawal of up to R$ 500 in trade; shopkeepers will receive bank fees

From November 29th, the central bank will implement two new modalities of Pix: Saque and Exchange, which will allow you to withdraw money from stores or ATMs. The maximum limit for transactions will be R$500 during the day and R$100 at night (from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am). But commercial establishments that want to can opt for a lower ceiling.

The operation will be free for customers up to eight transactions per month, and will be optional for commerce. The store owner who offers this service will receive a fee between R$0.25 and R$0.95 per transaction, depending on the negotiation with the banks.

“The user’s relationship institution is the one who will pay this fee,” explained BC. “The use of the service will be completely free for the individual end customer up to 8 operations per month”.

Understand the two new ways to use the Pix below.

Pix Cashout

According to BC, Pix Saque allows anyone registered in the new payment system to withdraw money from any commercial point or ATM that decides to offer this service.

“Commercial establishments, shared ATM networks and Pix participants, through their own ATMs, will be able to offer the service. To access cash resources, the client simply needs to make a Pix to the withdrawal agent, in a dynamic similar to that of a normal Pix, from the reading of a QR Code shown to the customer or from the service provider’s application,” the Central Bank stated in a note.

Pix Change

BC explained that in the case of Pix Troco, the dynamics are very similar, with the difference that in this case the withdrawal can be made during payment of purchases at the establishment.

“In this case, the Pix is ​​made for the full amount (purchase + withdrawal). The customer’s statement will show the amount corresponding to the withdrawal and the purchase amount”, said the Central Bank in a note.


In BC’s assessment, the novelty should bring benefits to both consumers and retailers.

“Citizens will have more alternatives made available by Pix and more options for accessing physical money when they wish, as withdrawals can be made in different places (bakeries, department stores, supermarkets, etc.) and not just in ATMs”.

On the tenants’ side, BC sees benefits from better cash control and security.

“The offer of the service will reduce the costs of establishments with cash management, such as those related to security and deposits, in addition to enabling establishments to gain more visibility for their products and services (“showcase effect”)”, said the monetary authority in note.

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