Pokémon Unite pre-registration reaches 5 million and earns new goal

Pokémon Unite arrives on the 22nd of September to mobile devices and its pre-registration to play on Android and iOS is making huge success. The game’s official Twitter account announced that today, September 1st, the goal of 5 million registered future players has been reached:

As with most major game releases and cell phones, Pokémon Unite is offering rewards for hitting pre-registration goals. With each set number that is reached, prizes and in-game items are released to everyone who has registered.

The 5 million goal was the maximum that had been publicized, offering as a prize a Pikachu in a special festival outfit. Taking advantage of the fact that their greatest expectations were exceeded, the devs of Pokémon Unite also released a new target: 7.5 million registered users.

If the game gets these extra 2.5 million pre-registrations, its players will receive another 1,000 Aeos Tickets.

At the rate of growth from pre-registration to Pokémon Unite, it is very plausible that this goal will be reached, because we are still twenty days away from the launch. Not only that, we can even speculate that one more goal will be added after the 7.5 million registered future players.

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA from the iconic Nintendo franchise. The game made its debut on Switch in July, on the 21st. In addition to the debut on cell phones, September also marks the debut of Blastoise, which arrives today in the game.

Image: Pokémon Sword Game, Nintendo Switch
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