‘Pop it’: Discover the toy that has become a fever among children; learn the benefits and restrictions | Welfare

After being massively shared on social media, the pop it became a “fever” among children. O follow the thread listened to a child development specialist to understand the benefits of the toy.

The hobby is usually found as a colored silicone tray with various dots. The object is taken as “anti-stress toy” and has different sizes. (See the full video above)

The coordinator of the Psychology Service at the Hospital Infantil Sabará, in São Paulo, Cristina Borsari, told how the toy came about and what its benefits are.

Pop it: the toy that turned children’s fever — Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1

“It became popular a few years ago, it was called spin. An American mother of a child with intellectual disabilities designed and created this toy. From that, it became popular. Now, in the pandemic, after so long of social isolation, this toy has surfaced”, said Cristina.

“This repetitive movement of squeezing the bubbles brings relaxation and eases the anxiety or conflict that the child is experiencing. When she has the toy in her hands, it really brings a moment of relaxation and thinking about nothing. Adults, when they had that bubble wrap, said it was ‘anti-stress’. This is more or less similar,” he explained.

The hobby has different shapes like animals, hearts and cartoon characters. With an average price of R$ 40, parents find the toy selling in wholesale product sites, newsstands and street vendors – strategically positioned at the doors of some schools.

Pop it: the toy that turned children’s fever — Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1

O pop it is considered a category item ‘fidget toys”, which translated from English means toy for restlessness. That is, they are used to relax and calm down.

THE toy experience must be unique. The person should not be doing another activity – such as watching TV – while playing to avoid “sensory confusion”.

“We have sensory confusion. Information is entering through the eyes, hearing and touch. It is not very suitable. The ideal is to use pop its and not be on TV or tablet or listening to music. When manipulating the toy, the child enters in a state of concentration and will promote cognitive development. Ideally, the toy is used when it is unique in the experience,” said Cristina Borsari.

Pop it: the toy that turned children’s fever — Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1