Pope Francis denies conclave rumors and talks about his health

Faced with speculations about a possible resignation, the Holy Father said: “Whenever a Pope is sick, there is a breeze or a conclave hurricane.”

Pope Francis dispelled rumors of a new conclave that would take place because of his health. On August 30, 2021, Spanish Catholic radio COPE released a preview of its interview with the Pope. The full exclusive interview with journalist Carlos Herrera will air on Wednesday, September 1st.

The fact is, speculation about Pope Francis’ state of health has sprung up since his colon surgery in early July. Since then, the pontiff has not granted any interviews. However, he recently agreed to speak for an hour and a half with the Spanish radio network.

“I’m alive,” Pope Francis said in response to journalist Carlos Herrera’s question about the Holy Father’s recovery since surgery. On press speculation about the possibility of resignation, the Bishop of Rome replied:

“Whenever a Pope is sick, there is a breeze or a conclave hurricane”.

Rumors of a conclave

An article from the Italian newspaper Daily Libero published on August 23 announced – without citing sources – that the Pope “had expressed his intention to resign”. The reasons given in the article were Pope Francis’ health, weakened by his colon surgery, and his age. The Pope is approaching 85 years old, and Benedict XVI was 85 when he resigned.

After the report of the Daily Libero, several articles appeared, suggested the possibility and already started to discuss a next conclave. The interview given to Spanish radio, therefore, is a way for the Holy See to erase the rumors.

Continuing to recover from the operation, Pope Francis admitted on Aug. 27 that he was still in the post-operative stage. Even so, he resumed his normal activities. On September 12, he will take a four-day trip to Hungary and Slovakia.

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