Power outage interrupts train circulation between CPTM’s Brás and Luz stations, and passengers walk on the tracks | São Paulo

The outage of a power cable interrupted, since 18:00 on this Wednesday (1st), the circulation of trains between the Brás and Luz stations of the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM). Lines 7-Ruby and 10-Turquoise have been discontinued.

Line 13 – Jade was not affected by the problem, however, Expresso Aeroporto had to be suspended.

How are the CPTM lines:

  • Traffic on Line 7-Rubi is normal between Barra Funda and Jundiaí;
  • Line 10-Turquoise trains run from Mauá to Tamanduateí, where there is a transfer to Metro Line 2-Green. In this line, the Paese bus system was activated to serve the stretch between the Mauá and Rio Grande da Serra stations;
  • On line 11-Coral, trains run between Students and Tatuapé. Between Tatuapé and Luz, you must take the Metro line 3-Red.
  • Line 12-Sapphire operates normally;
  • Line 13-Jade partially operates, with suspension of the Airport Express.

At the Luz station, in downtown São Paulo, the power was turned off, and passengers had to walk the rails.

Passengers walking on the rails at the Luz station — Photo: Reproduction

In a statement, the Company apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers and informed that circulation was interrupted “due to Technical Problems in the Power System. CPTM is working towards normalization”.

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