Pregnant, Andressa Urach reveals her son’s name: ‘I wish it were Bolsonaro’ – Famous

Andressa Urach and Thiago Lopes (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

Last Tuesday (08/31), the model Andressa Urach decided to make a revelation of the name of the second child on video not youtube. Always controversial in her life, the famous one did not act differently in the recording with her husband, Thiago Lopes.

Urach and Thiago also commented on the fact that they are open pocketnaristas and the model joked that she wanted to call her son Bolsonaro and that the entire room decor will be blue. “I wish it was called Bolsonaro! I’m kidding… I’m going to buy the whole decoration in boy blue”, said Andressa.

The blonde revealed details about the pregnancy and the choice of name.

“I wanted Leo, jungle lion, but Thiago wouldn’t let him. Imagine him being tiny and me saying, ‘Son, make a lion for daddy.’ [primeiro filho de Andressa] he suggested, and he’s going to be called Len. It means brave as a lion,” said the model.

Andressa took advantage of the recording to clarify a controversial statement made by her husband, who emphasized that she had not “weakened”. In front of the joke commented by Urach was made by her husband when the model announced that she is pregnant. He said: “I didn’t give in, he’s going to be born a boy!”

According to the portal UOL, the word “weakened” used by Andressa Urach’s husband is the same one already used by Jair Bolsonaro, when he was still federal deputy. He used it when talking about his young daughter, Laura, thus saying that the heiress was the result of a “weakened”.

“They confused weaklings with failures. I didn’t call anyone a failure, I didn’t say that the female is a failure. Weakened was in another sense,” Lopes pointed out.