Queiroga says vaccine deniers need mental help

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said today that those who still do not believe in the covid-19 vaccine would need care in the mental health network. The declaration took place during an event, alongside federal deputy Osmar Terra (MDB-RS) and the secretary of the ministry, Mayra Pinheiro, known as “Captain Chloroquine”.

“We can’t stop talking about the vaccination campaign, those who didn’t believe had to revise their concepts, or else they can turn to our mental health network here,” he said.

“We are going to watch them to show that they were wrong, because today Brazil is one of the countries that distributed more doses of vaccine”.

According to the panel Our World in Data, linked to the University of Oxford, Brazil occupies the fourth position in the ranking of applied vaccine doses. However, when the population size is taken into account and the calculation is made in relation to every 100 inhabitants, the country drops to the 81st position, behind countries like China, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia and Cuba.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, deputy Osmar Terra has made a series of controversial statements, including defending “herd immunity”. In testimony to Covid’s CPI in June this year, he said he thought the contamination would be more effective than the vaccine, which is not true.

“The live virus elicits more antibodies than the dead virus,” he said.

Terra was heard by the commission on suspicion of being part of the so-called “parallel cabinet”, which would advise President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) contrary to official guidelines.

Mayra Pinheiro, who was also at the table, is an advocate of ineffective drugs in the treatment of covid-19. She also testified to the CPI in May this year.