Rafael’s will weighs in, and Botafogo wants to have the full-back already for Serie B

One of the main reasons for the negotiation between Botafogo and Rafael to be walking towards a happy ending is… Rafael himself. The will of the right-back in defend the heart club, which he has already assumed in other opportunities, has been a differential for the business to be evolving.

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This is because the 31-year-old player, free on the market since last month when he left Basaksehir-TUR, has received surveys and even concrete proposals from clubs that are in the Serie A of Brasileirão. The athlete’s will, however, is to wear black and white and start the plan to defend the club he supports.

Conversations between the parties have evolved in recent days and, if everything continues at this same pace, Rafael is expected to be in Rio de Janeiro next week for exams.

With regard to the financial aspect, the right-back understood the current reality of the club and did not create difficulties, putting values ​​below what a player with spells at Manchester United-ING and Lyon-FRA would usually ask for. The desire to play for Botafogo really took the lead.

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With everything evolving so quickly, the board of Botafogo wants Rafael already for the dispute of the Series B of Brasileirão. Right-back was not a position the club was looking for, but the directors understood that this was a market opportunity that was practically unavoidable.

The business is moving towards advanced stages and, if it depends on Rafael’s will, there shouldn’t be much drama to be achieved.