Rebeca Abravanel celebrates her husband’s birthday, Alexandre Pato: ”Complete my life”

Rebeca Abravanel celebrates 32 years of her husband, player Alexandre Pato, with a beautiful statement on the web

Rebeca Abravanel (40) started Thursday, 02, celebrating another year of his husband’s life, the player Alexandre Pato, who is turning 33 years old.

On social networks, the presenter shared a passionate click next to the birthday boy and a special photo of the nephews, who appeared wearing the t-shirt with the athlete’s name. In the statement, Rebeca spoke of their relationship and congratulated him on his birthday.

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“My love, this is your day! God’s chosen day for you to be born and I chose this photo because it reflects a little bit of the people around your life. Some of your nephews all dressed in their shirt with your name because they love, cheer and they always want to be close to that special uncle. Just like me”, she wrote.

And, he continued: “You complete my life and I always want to have you in it. I wish you had a blessed birthday. As your [email protected] wrote, birthday is like being born again to live another year. Let it really be a year of rebirth. Rebirth of faith, of faith hope, dreams, love, health, and everything that God has planned for your life.”

In the end, she wished her loved one a great day: “Thank you Lord for this day, thank God for you. Until now the Lord has helped us. I love you and I wish you a beautiful day.”

Rebeca Abravanel talks about getting married to Alexandre Pato

In recent days, Rebeca Abravanel interacted with her followers on social networks. The presenter opened her box of questions in the stories and answered some curiosities. In addition to messages from fans, Rebeca was surprised with a question from her husband, the player Alexandre Pato.

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