Relatives of patients say Albert Schweitzer Hospital even lacks adhesive tape | Rio de Janeiro

Relatives of patients at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, in Realengo, in the West Zone of Rio, report that the unit lacks basic supplies, such as adult diapers, ointments and adhesives.

Family members say that need to buy the inputs on their own.

“I see they don’t have that white tape. They are using the tape with difficulty. It’s scarce. The diaper is gone and we are really buying it”, said housewife Rosangela Conpam, who accompanies her husband who is hospitalized at the unit.

There is also a lack of basic supplies for Luiza Teixeira’s sister.

“Diaper, tape, ointment. She came on the blanket, they put her blanket to cover the bed and to cover her, they covered it with TNT”, said the housewife.

Sheila Pereira is the daughter of a patient at the unit. She says that health professionals strive to provide the service even without inputs.

“They get agitated, even more nervous. How will they work if they don’t have it? It’s not coming in the time it has to come. There had to be a better organization, when it was going to end up in the hospital”, she said.

Silvana Souza da Silva states that she doesn’t have the resources to buy the products her mother-in-law needs.

“It’s very complicated, but we’ll have to find a way, because she can’t be without a diaper”, said the hostess.

Relatives of patients at the Albert Schweitzer Municipal Hospital report a lack of basic supplies — Photo: RJ2

hospital administration

The Social Organization (OS) Viva Rio took over the management of the unit in April this year through a emergency contract. The contract lasts for six months and was signed by BRL 91 million.

The company is participating in the bidding process, still in progress, to command the unit in the next 12 months. According to the Municipality of Rio, Viva Rio is the OS that accumulated the highest score among the competitors.

In the Official Gazette of August 25, Viva Rio appears as the winner of the bid, but the organization AFNE filed an appeal, and therefore there is still no final decision on the administration of the unit. The new contract is for BRL 197 million per one year.

Organization history

OS Viva Rio has a history of problems in the management of municipal hospitals. In October 2018, alleging problems in administration, the city ended the organization’s contract with Hospital Ronaldo Gazzola, in Acari. The organization was fined R$23 million.

In 2019, Viva Rio obtained an injunction in court suspending the punishment. In 2020, the City Hall of Rio disqualified OS from participating in new bids.

However, this same court decision was used so that, in April of this year, she could take over the administration of Albert Schweitzer under an emergency contract.

In the administration of Mayor Eduardo Paes, the Viva Rio already has 5 contracts that exceed R$ 1 billion.

what those involved say

The Municipal Health Department stated that the selection process for which organization will take over the Albert Schweitzer Hospital is still in progress.

OS Viva Rio claimed that the unit has a demand for assistance above its historical average, and said that the supply of inputs has already been normalized.