Resident of So Joo da Barra had R$ 6 thousand stolen via PIX, in Campos; BC has limited transactions but hasn’t put it into practice yet

A resident of São João da Barra had R$ 6 thousand stolen via PIX by armed robbers in the city of Campos over the weekend.

As she told the police, she was on Lacerda Sobrinho street, in the central area of ​​Campos, when she was approached by two armed bandits. They made several threats and demanded money all the time. She said that she had no money ‘on hand’ at the time, which alerted the criminal duo about the new modality in Brazil: the PIX.

The bandits forced the lady to open her cell phone and make a PIX worth R$ 6 thousand (the amount she had in her account at the time of the crime) for a key. The transaction was completed, the bandits left and the girl ran to the Police Station to register the occurrence.

Even with the identification of the party who received the amounts, the Police could not do anything and the case should go to court. Hardly the value should return to the girl, which is strange, considering the ease of tracking the money, since it is an online transaction.

The Central Bank, it is worth mentioning, has acted to prevent cases like this one. Last Friday, the day before the assault on Campos, the Central Bank announced measures to make the use of the PIX safer, with a limit of R$1,000 for transfers made between individuals at night. If the measure was already in effect, your loss would be smaller, but the BC did not say as of when the measure will take effect.