Result of Mega-Sena yesterday, Wednesday 01/09, contest 2405

There was no corrector of the result of yesterday’s Mega-Sena, Wednesday (01), contest 2405, and the prize amounted to R$34 million. On the other lanes, several bets partially marked the tens and won: R$ 154,800 for five hits and R$ 1,500 for four hits.

The draw for the Mega-Sena contest 2406 is scheduled for Saturday, September 4th, starting at 8 pm (Brasilia time). Players must register the games in lottery stores, application or on the Loterias Caixa website (

Result of yesterday’s Mega-Sena

Check out the scores of the Mega-Sena 2405 contest yesterday: 21-38-48-49-53-59.

Result of all lotteries drawn on Wednesday


The odds of hitting yesterday’s Mega-Sena result were one in over 50 million with a six-tens single bet. To increase the chance of winning the prize, players needed to register more games or compete with more than six numbers.


The draw of the result of the Mega-Sena yesterday and the other modalities of the Caixa Lotteries was broadcast live on Caixa’s Youtube channel and on the Caixa Lotteries page on Facebook.

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