Results of Quina 5647 today, Wednesday (09/01/21)

The results of Quina 5647 today, Wednesday, September 1st, will be drawn from 8 pm (Brasilia time). The prize is estimated at R$700,000 and the bettor who hits the five dozen wins.

Quina 5647 Result

The numbers drawn in today’s Quina results were: 06-18-34-35-57.

Quina Prize Winners

Quina 5647 Result
Photo: Pixabay/reproduction

If a player matches the five numbers of the result of Quina contest 5647 today, he will win the main prize of R$700k. Players who manage to hit two, three or four tens are also billed.

What happens if no one wins? If there is no winner in any band, this way the lottery value accumulates for the next contest, in the respective prize band.

To receive the prize, the lucky ones must go to a Caixa branch and present their RG and CPF, in addition to the winning ticket. According to Lotteries Caixa, prizes of up to R$1,903.98, winners can withdraw from accredited lottery houses.

Do you have a deadline to redeem Quina’s prize? the period of 90 calendar days, counting from the drawing of the result of Quina 5647, to redeem the prize amount.

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