Rodrigo Pacheco defends a manifest that opposes the note from Fiemg – Politics

President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, defends a manifesto in support of democracy, signed by around 300 Minas Gerais citizens (photo: Sérgio Lima/AFP)
President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, defends a manifesto in support of democracy, signed by about 300 Minas Gerais citizens (photo: Sérgio Lima/AFP)

The president of the Senate, senator Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM/MG), decided to take a stand in favor of the Mineiros Manifesto to the Brazilian People, signed by around 300 state citizens in defense of democracy and pacification in the country. The document is a counterpoint to another manifesto, released on Wednesday by the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (Fiemg). The entity’s text criticizes, with a clear Pocketnarist bias, the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Pacheco based his speech, at the end of the Senate session, yesterday, in the manifesto of the citizens of Minas Gerais.

Among the signatories is the president of the Minas Gerais Trade Association (ACMinas), José Anchieta da Silva. One of the excerpts of the document highlights that the structural changes that the Brazilian state needs require from the leaders and those who occupy positions in the productive structures, service and knowledge providers, both public and private, an urgent decision to take a stand. Also according to the text, the rupture by weapons and physical confrontation in the streets contradicts a serene, citizen and constructive walk.

“Democracy cannot be threatened, rather, it must be strengthened and improved. What is intended to provoke is another type of rupture: the rupture through ideas and behavior change in all dimensions of life. The objective is to build (in fact, rebuild) a project of nation for Brazil, giving new meaning to patriotism, in order to make the Brazilian people happier and placing Brazil as a proud, free and democratic nation in the concert of nations”, brings one of the excerpts from the letter.

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At the end of the Senate plenary session, Pacheco praised a manifesto signed by citizens of Minas Gerais in which they defend the Democratic Rule of Law and call on the leaders of public institutions to channel their energies into carrying out structural reforms. In the document, it is made clear that democracy cannot be threatened and needs to be strengthened and improved.

“I would like to praise, at the same time as I register, a manifesto from Minas Gerais to the Brazilian people signed by citizens, natural persons, and not legal entities or entities, who affirm the importance of various national issues, but above all the preservation of democracy in the our country. Tancredo Neves said that the first commitment of the miners is to freedom, and we reaffirm it saying that, right now, the main commitment is to democracy”, said Rodrigo Pacheco.