Romildo Bolzan Jr criticizes Grêmio fans’ protest: “A crime happened”

In an interview with Rádio Guaíba this Wednesday, President Romildo Bolzan Jr. criticized the way Grêmio fans protested at CT Luiz Carvalho, this Wednesday. Fans clashed with the Military Brigade and four of the club’s employees’ cars were damaged. At least two people were arrested, according to Guaíba. The president classified the demonstration as “cowardly” and said that actions that put the integrity of third parties at risk are inadmissible. “A crime has happened. You can contest it, you can charge. But that is not done”, he criticized. In a statement, Grêmio repudiated the protest.

He admitted to having been advised not to appear at CT Luiz Carvalho on Wednesday afternoon. The president was also informed that the demonstration would be peaceful.

Romildo reported that all measures will be taken by Grêmio, in the search for exemplary behavior. The club will take the case to the Fans’ Court and seek reparations in the civil and criminal spheres. “The entire context will be taken to the Judiciary. The people involved must definitely leave football,” he stressed.

In the same line as the demonstration by defender Rafinha, the president said that the indignation is fair, and that he accepts the charges, as long as they do not exceed the limit. “No problem, the bands. They can charge. As long as you don’t lose your civility,” he admitted.

The demonstration at CT Luiz Carvalho brought losses to employees. Four vehicles were damaged, two for kitchen workers, one for a member of the technical committee, and one for security.

Grêmio will have time to prepare for the next match. He only returns to the field on September 12, when he faces Ceará, at 11 am. The match, valid for the 20th round of the Brasileirão, takes place at the Arena.

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