Rooster: Caetano comments on the level of the payroll with the arrival of Diego Costa

(Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atl

Atltico’s football director, Rodrigo Caetano, he said that the board has been working to keep the payroll at a level similar to last year even with the arrival of the star Diego Costa in the last few weeks. After being asked on the program ‘the Ball Owners‘, gives TV Band, the manager confirmed that spending on salaries in football is around BRL 12 million and BRL 14 million.

THE Globe published this Tuesday that the monthly cost of the club with the BRL 24 million. Caetano clarified that the amount includes other payments.

“This figure suggests the full cost of Galo in terms of agreements and possible payments made. With regard to football payroll, very close to the amount you mentioned (between R$ 12 million and R$ 14 million), it was already gone. so and our challenge was to keep it this way, that’s why we make the movement, some arrive, others leave, as they were with Marrony and Gabriel, who left”, he said.

“That’s how we balanced it, because the budget provided for this throughout the year. And the aim is always to qualify and not burden the club’s payroll. I believe this number is spoken (BRL 24 million) is also related to the commitments in terms of FIFA’s demands and not specifically in relation to the payroll,” he added.

The club president, Srgio Coelho, he has already explained that the arrival of Diego Costa was only possible with the help of partners. “We were looking for people who could help make Diego Costa’s arrival viable. I spoke with my friend and our supporter, Ricardo Guimares. He, an individual, or better, Ricardo’s family, helped us financially, and Llia (Almeida, president ) from Auto Truck, we are close to agreeing a sponsorship with it as well. This helped us a lot to make the arrival of Diego Costa viable,” said Coelho, on the day of the player’s presentation.

Since last year, Atltico has had the financial assistance of patrons to make large investments, such as hiring players. The various hirings made by alvinegro in recent months had the financial support of the entrepreneur Rubens boy, which has credit of about BRL 330 million with the club, according to information released by the business day rooster, in April.