Sales exceed expectations, and Atlético-MG raises R$ 160 million with captive seats and boxes for future stadium | athletic-mg

The revenue for the construction of the Arena MRV, Atlético-MG’s stadium, was increased by approximately R$33 million. This is the amount collected so far after the opening of the sale of the second batch of captive seats in the stadium, whose sales began in June. In all, Galo has already reached R$ 160 million with the sale of captive chairs, cabins and parking spaces.

The numbers exceed initial expectations, which were R$ 100 million in revenue from the sale of these units for the future stadium. All amounts raised will be used in the construction of the arena, which had a high cost after offsetting.

Atlético-MG Stadium / Arena MRV — Photo: Publicity Arena MRV

Some spaces are already sold out, such as the 80 cabins and sector I of captives, with a capacity for 785 seats.

“Only with the commercialization of this sector, which is the most central in the stadium and in which the fans had the opportunity to put their name on the seat, R$ 33 million were raised, adding the two lots”, says a note from Arena MRV sent the report.

After the opening of the second lot, in June, with places in sector II, 900 seats were sold in that period.

“Sector II has about 3,600 seats. We are even close to reaching the 1,000 seats sold in the second batch, adding the two sectors, which will guarantee for an athlete chosen by the fans who will be awarded a captive seat for a season, as announced in the batch release.”

The seats available in sector II cost R$35,980.00. Whoever buys in cash will have a 15% discount. The amount can also be split in 20, 48 or 72 times.

The captive seat entitles the fan to watch all official games under the command of Rooster for 15 years, without having to purchase tickets.

Atlético’s plans are to open the MRV Arena in October next year.