Samara Felippo opines on controversy involving Marina Ruy Barbosa and ‘redhead representation’

Samara Felippo spoke about a controversial publication by Marina Ruy Barbosa about ‘redhead representation’

Samara Felippo (42) used social media to opine on a recent controversy involving Marina Ruy Barbosa (26).

Through Instagram Stories, the actress explained her point of view in relation to what her professional colleague said about ‘red-haired representation’, and stated that Marina’s placement is “empty and without context”. Samara’s review refers to a publication that the global made showing two redheaded children admiring a billboard with their photo in a mall.

“Yes, there is a problem. I’m not here to stone Marina, I’m against virtual lynching, I’ve always said that […]. This word ‘representativeness’ cannot come empty and without context”, started Samara in the video.

And added: “Obviously a child will look at Marina, will look at Ariel, will look at Black Widow and identify. What we are talking about is: does this red-headed child die because of this? Is he excluded because of that? to fight for something because this child is redhead? Does she want to change her features, her hair, her skin because of this? It’s just reflection, guys”, finished.

Understand the controversy surrounding Marina Ruy Barbosa

Marina Ruy Barbosa shared on her social networks a video in which two children with red hair appear looking at a photo of her that is in a mall. The following sentence appears in the publication’s caption: “Then they say that representation is not important.”

Even not being the author of the caption, the actress started to receive a lot of criticism when reposting the image on her profile. After the great repercussion, she manifested and countered: “Really, you are problematizing a story that I just reposted with child fans? Guys, for love right. So many more important things for you to worry about, said Marina.

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