Samsung Releases Update to Galaxy Buds Pro with Buds 2 Features

In recent days, Samsung has released a new software update to its Galaxy Buds Pro headset, highlighting some features previously only present in the recently released Galaxy Buds 2.

Among the highlights of the latest firmware is support for Surround Sound during calls. This means that, during a call, you may have an audio feedback of what is happening around you.

Another novelty is the ability to customize the Sound Environment, in addition to what is already allowed – such as return volume and conversation detection for activation. The information given by the website XDA did not give further details about the new customizations.

To top it off, another addition consists of choosing to turn on noise canceling active on only one side. Until then, it was necessary for the proximity sensors to detect the placement of the two buds in the ears to enable the feature on both sides equally.

The new Galaxy Buds Pro firmware can be updated directly through the Galaxy Wearable app, after installing the plugin update for the respective accessory model.

The update can be done while keeping the headphones in the case, with the lid open. To search for the new software, just go the following path in the Wearable application: Headphones Settings > Update. headphone software. Once the update is complete, the accessories will reconnect to your phone automatically.

TudoCelular already performed the full analysis of Galaxy Buds Pro last March. You can check the review at this link.

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