Security details first meeting between Luciana Gimenez and Mick Jagger – Famous

Luciana Gimenez and Mick Jagger (photo: Reproduction)

The model and presenter Luciana Gimenez was introduced to Mick Jagger during a celebrity party in a mansion in Rio de Janeiro. According to security Tlio Costa, the meeting happened thanks to your effort.

The civil police officer from Rio de Janeiro was interviewed by Maurcio Meirelles on the podcast guessing, during which he claimed to have been responsible for presenting Gimenez to the lead singer of Rolling Stones.

“He [Mick Jagger] I was at a party in a mansion in Cosme Velho [zona sul do Rio de Janeiro]. There it was in the cream. Those who earn more than a million a month, like Luciano Huck, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil”, explained the security guard.

Mick was enjoying his night tied up, went there with his personal security and me. Then Luciana arrived very beautiful, that beauty. She greets me and asks to meet the Mick. I told his security and he agreed to meet her. She introduced herself to him and that was it,” he said. Tlio Costa.

The party in question was a tribute to the musician, who performed the tour Bridges to Babylon, in 1998.

“She was at Prince Harry’s party in Rio, many years later, [perguntei] if she remembered me. She said no. ‘I introduced you to the Mick Jagger‘… [Ela respondeu]: ‘Boy, it’s past!’ Coast.

Luciana Gimenez and Mick Jagger have a child, Lucas Jagger, 22 years old. The presenter has already made it clear that the relationship with the rocker is good and, in an interview with Flow, she detailed how it works:

“To LucasYeah, it was a little stressful, hard to have daddy at events. [Uma vez] took [Jagger] in college, he joined her [muita gente]. This limitation exists. But he is one of my best friends, I love him with passion”, he said. Gimenez.