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Another group of workers won the right to withdraw the money from the fifth installment of the Emergency Aid. According to information from Caixa Econômica Federal, this Thursday (2) is the day of informal people who were born in February. They can go to the bank and withdraw the program amount in cash.

According to the official Emergency Aid calendar, these Brazilians who are part of this group received the fifth installment on the last 21st of August. However, at that time, they could only move the money digitally. So they needed to use the Caixa Tem app or even Internet Banking for that.

Also according to the bank, at this first moment, these people could only perform some basic operations. We can mention, for example, the payment of bank slips. It was also possible to shop online or even in person. In this second case, it is necessary to know which establishments accept this type of transfer.

Anyway, this ends now. From this Thursday (2) they can go to a bank and withdraw the amount in question. Those who do not want to, however, can continue to carry out transactions with the money digitally. So the fact is that no one is obliged to withdraw the benefit.

On the contrary. Caixa Econômica Federal even advises people to stay at home and move their money through the internet. That’s because the country is still experiencing a pandemic. Furthermore, the bank’s workforce may not be enough to serve thousands of individuals at once.

Public of withdrawals

It is worth remembering that Emergency Aid has different logics for its beneficiaries. According to the program’s rules, only informal people need to follow two calendars. One is for digital release and the other is for withdrawals.

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This audience is made up of people who signed up for the program last year through the project’s official website or application. They are considered the informal of the benefit in question.

In addition to them, those who receive the program through Cadúnico, but who are not among the Bolsa Família users, are also included here. According to the Emergency Relief rules, these people also need to follow the logic of the two calendars.

Emergency Assistance

After a three-month hiatus without payments of Emergency Aid, the Government decided to resume the transfers of the program in question. The return of the benefit took place in the last month of April.

Only this time the project is noticeably smaller. According to the Ministry of Citizenship, the number of beneficiaries dropped from almost 70 million last year, to something around 37 million Brazilians now.

In addition, payment amounts are also lower. Also according to the Ministry, today amounts are paid that reach a maximum of R$ 375. Last year, Planalto even released installments of R$ 1200 for people in this same group.

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