Sheep makes homophobic comments and gets scolded by Sérgio Mallandro live

Sérgio Malllandro got angry right at the beginning of the interview he was doing with the singer Ovelha, in the podcast Papagaio Falante, which went on air this Tuesday (8/31), on YouTube. Mallandro was bothered by a homophobic comment made by the artist.

Recalling the beginning of his career, Sheep said: “My father told me: ‘Be a great singer, just don’t turn into chicken.’ Chicken in the Northeast is fag.”

Check the moment of disagreement in the video below, from 15:30 min:

Immediately, he was interrupted by the presenter. “Come here, what do you have against fags, my brother? I have a friend who is a fag, I have a cousin who is a fag. It doesn’t come with that fag talk, no. There are people who work here with me who are faggots. Do you want to be lynched?” Mallandro asked.

“40 years ago… In 1970, our training was one. Dad used to say: ‘Sing, but don’t become chicken’. I have nothing against anyone, but let it be in a room, with five men, five women. Soruba goes, sows comes. It just can’t be done in the middle of the street because there are children and good people watching. Putting has to be done on four walls, that nobody sees anything. But back then… ‘Don’t turn into a chicken,’” Sheep replied.

Then he went back to talking about the beginning of his career and the subject was closed. Mallandro was silent for a while, serious, but then he resumed the interview.