Silviano tears off the mask with ‘blood bath’ when killing father and son · TV News

Silviano (Othon Bastos) will show that his manner of polite and obedient butler was just a front in Império. Maria Marta’s (Lilia Cabral) employee will be furious to discover that José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) has found a fortune he had hidden in a mansion. The elderly man will have no pity and will kill the local caretaker and his son at point-blank range in the nine o’clock soap opera on Globo.

In scenes that will air in the final stretch of folhteim, the commander will be suspicious of the sale brokered by Silviano of a mansion that belonged to the Medeiros family and will go to the property. There, he will discover that there is a lot of money hidden inside the space of a swimming pool.

José Alfredo will disappear with the money from there, and when Silviano finds out about it, it will be too late. Upon arriving at the mansion in Petrópolis (mountain region of Rio de Janeiro), he will find the pool area empty. ”That’s why Marta was so vague and so formal with me! The damned man was here with her, the two of them discovered everything… And they took the money,” the butler will cry.

He will then confront the caretaker, who will tell him what happened. “Oh, if you had told me! But now I’ve seen it all… This story will stink! My son and I will have to explain ourselves to the police,” the official will say.

The man, named Daniel (actor’s name was not released) will say he doesn’t know anything and that he’s leaving because he doesn’t want to be involved in it. But Silviano won’t allow it.

extremely cold

“Believe me… You won’t need to talk to them,” says Maurílio’s father (Carmo Dalla Vecchia), who is going to open a folder slowly as he talks. “It’s easy to put an end to all your problems. If you want, I can arrange it myself,” he will add before pulling a revolver out of the briefcase.

Silviano will shoot the caretaker and his son. Shot, Daniel will fall in a tumble. His son Aetius will try to run. Silviano takes aim, coldly, and shoots the boy, who lands hard. “Why, Silviano? Why?”, the caretaker will ask. “You think you don’t know anything… But you know too much,” the man will say, who will shoot Daniel again to kill him for good.

Written by Aguinaldo Silva, Império (2014) won a “special edition” to fill the hole left after the end of Amor de Mãe on Globo’s prime time. The unprecedented Um Lugar ao Sol, the next telenovela in the 9 pm range, was postponed to premiere in the second half of this year.

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