Simaria shows the change of the children after their separation and surprises

Singer Simaria showed that her sons Giovanna and Pawel changed their look and dyed their hair blue

The singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, surprised by showing a change that his two children made in the look. She is the mother of little Pawel, age five, and Giovanna, age nine. Both are the result of the singer’s marriage to her ex-husband, Vicente Escrig.

The classmate announced her separation from her husband a few days ago, they ended a 14-year relationship. And now, the singer showed a change that her children decided to make in the look.

Both the Giovanna girl and the Pawel boy dyed their hair with blue streaks. Simaria showed the girl Giovanna in the new look while the little girl was taking care of her little cousin, the six-month-old baby Zaya, daughter of Simone.

By showing Giovanna helping to take care of little Zaya, Simaria he melted for his daughter and niece saying, “Little one! Who gave you a bath today? Was it Gigi?! Was it you little girl?! In the bathtub! Now the talcum powder is being used, my daughter, it seems that even the little hair caught the talcum powder, oh my most beautiful baby! who is the aunt’s prettiest baby, who is a daughter?”. And the girl Giovanna showed Zaya and said: “This beautiful girl!”. The singer then continued and said: “And daughter, are you helping?! Is my love! Auntie fat! “.

The netizens were nothing but praise for Giovanna with little Zaya. “Oh, I love Giovanna helping to take care of her little cousin”, commented an internet user. And another netizen also said: “What a beautiful thing that God blesses and protects everyone in this family.”

A few days ago, her friend had also surprised her by showing what her daughter had done with the bathroom that was used by her, now ex-husband. As the friend and Vicente had separate bathrooms in her mansion, when they separated, Vicente left the place and one bathroom was left vacant. The singer then showed that the girl Giovanna decided to use the space to create a club for part of her toys. The girl showed her little club and seemed satisfied with the solution she gave to the space.

Simaria showing the children who dyed their hair

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