SP starts boosting the 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on the second (6)

The government of São Paulo confirmed yesterday (1st) that vaccination with the third dose against Covid-19 starts next Monday (6) for people aged 60 or over and immunosuppressed over 18 years old. According to the State Immunization Plan (PEI), about 7.2 million people should receive the booster vaccine by October 10, 2021.

According to the PEI schedule, the immunization with the third dose starts next Monday, by age group. In the first phase, people aged 90 years or more will be vaccinated between 6 and 12 September.

In the second phase, people aged 85 to 89 will be immunized, from 13 to 19 September. Then, people aged 80 to 84 years and immunosuppressed, from 20 to 26 September. Then, from 70 to 79 years old, from September 27th to October 3rd. Then people aged 60 to 69 years, in the period from 4 to 10 October.

The extension of the campaign was endorsed by the Scientific Committee of São Paulo. The main objective is to guarantee additional protection to the population most vulnerable to more contagious variants of the coronavirus, such as Delta.

“In addition to protecting the adult population with the second dose coverage, it is also important to increase the protection of the most vulnerable groups who are more likely to eventually have a more serious condition, with an additional dose. After six months, there is evidence of a possible fall in protection and this applies to all immunizing agents”, said Paulo Menezes, coordinator of the Scientific Committee.

Also according to the PEI, the booster vaccination campaign is for people over 60 years old who have already taken the two doses for at least six months. And in the case of immunosuppressed individuals over 18 years of age, the additional dose will be applied at least 28 days after the date of completion of the vaccination schedule, either by the second dose (Coronavac, Astrazeneca or Pfizer) or by a single dose (Janssen).

Reinforcement in Serrana

The state government also confirmed that about 5,000 elderly people aged 60 years or more, residing in the city of Serrana, will receive a booster from the Instituto Butantan vaccine as of the 6th. follow-up of the mass vaccination study conducted by Butantan in the city.

Called Project S, Coronavac’s clinical effectiveness study in Serrana began in February, with vaccination of the entire adult population of the city by April.

With 95% of inhabitants over 18 years old protected by the immunizing agent from Butantan, the unprecedented survey showed significant drops of 95% in deaths, 86% in hospitalizations and 80% in symptomatic cases of Covid-19 in the city in the region of Ribeirão Preto.

The reduction of the pandemic indicators was verified by comparing the data registered before and after that about 27 thousand residents over 18 years old received two doses of the Butantan vaccine, with an interval of 28 days between the first and the second application.

With the third phase of the research, Butantan will arrange for the application of the Coronavac booster dose to an estimated population of 5,000 people aged 60 years or more in the city. Serrana is treated with a real epidemiological laboratory and this will allow the monitoring of a possible threat posed by the Delta variant. (Ana Cláudia Martins)