Starfield won’t be released on PS5, Xbox manager says

Xbox has re-confirmed that Starfield will be Xbox and PC exclusive, this time through Aaron Greenberg, who serves as the brand’s marketing manager. The claim was made in a recent post on his Twitter.

In his tweet, Greenberg clarified to a microblog user that Starfield, a new title being developed by Bethesda; it won’t be a “temporary exclusive”, meaning the game won’t be released on the PlayStation 5 in the future.

“Starfield will be released exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11, 2022,” said Greenberg. “Game Pass users will be able to play it on both Xbox and PC. I know I’ve said this before, but none of that has changed and it won’t.”

In another response, Greenberg said: “We try to be as clear as possible, it won’t be a temporary exclusive. That’s how the game is being made.”

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