Storm Ida makes New York declare a state of emergency, leaves dead – International

NEW YORK – THE hurricane Ida continues advancing across the North Atlantic, causing severe storms and floods in the U.S. This Thursday, 2, the city of New York was hit by strong winds and rain that nearly disrupted subway service, splintered homes in New Jersey and raised a tornado alert in the Bronx. At least 15 people have died in the region since Wednesday night, 1st – most of them drowned inside basements and apartments located in basements, which filled with water from the storm.

The death toll in New York is nine, with victims between the ages of 2 and 86 years. Some of the victims died in underground apartments in Queens, authorities confirmed. In New Jersey, four people drowned in the same underground apartment complex, which flooded.

Some drivers have been stranded since Wednesday night due to the rain. More than 150,000 homes in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania remain without power and states of emergency have been declared across the region. The mayor of NY, Blasio’s Bill, declared a state of emergency just before 11:30 pm Wednesday, saying the city was “experiencing a historic weather event” with “record citywide rainfall, brutal flooding and dangerous conditions on our roads.” He warned New Yorkers: “Stay indoors.”

The Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, and the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, also declared a state of emergency because of the tropical storm, which hit the United States as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday (29), exactly 16 years after the Katrina.

With 230 km/h winds, the Ida was the 5th strongest hurricane in history to hit the continent, according to the Associated Press news agency, and earlier this week caused damage and death in the Louisiana, at the Mississippi and in the alabama.

Just before 1 am, the city issued a travel ban, effective until 5 am on Thursday. “All non-emergency vehicles must be off the streets and highways of New York,” said the emergency management office on Twitter. A road that crosses the Central Park it was dotted with cars that were abandoned after getting stuck in the floods.

Images shared on social networks show the impressive volume of water that hit the New York subway.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority warned customers in an email alert on Wednesday night: “Train service is extremely limited, if not suspended, because of heavy rains and flooding across the region.” The system’s website showed that service was suspended on more than 18 metro lines.

All New Jersey rail service, with the exception of the Atlantic City line, has been suspended, New Jersey Transit said. Air traffic was also suspended in the region.

damage in NY

The storm has already caused flooding in New York and has brought nearly all subway lines to a halt. Some roads are impassable and there are tornado alerts in the region.

Tornadoes generated by the storm hit parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At least nine homes were destroyed in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, according to the NBC10 television network.

Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey has suspended some flights due to flooding in its complex. / AFP, AP and REUTERS