Surprised by Maicon’s departure from Grêmio, Rafinha criticizes violence in protest: “Lose reason” | Guild

Amidst a turmoil of emotions from Grêmio in recent days, lateral Rafinha was the first player to demonstrate after the violent protests made in front of CT Luiz Carvalho this Wednesday.

The experienced player reprimanded the behavior of the fans present. In addition, he stated that the group was taken by surprise with the departure of Maicon, one of the team’s references.

Rafinha is the current captain of Tricolor and gave a press conference in the re-presentation of the squad after three days off. The cast arrived for work on Wednesday in the club’s official vehicle, which was stoned by fans.

Some people threw stones into the CT and hit cars of four employees. Minutes before the interview, Grêmio issued a note and repudiated the demonstration.

Fans have every right to charge, curse, boo. No problem. But from the moment they pass to the other side, with stones, throwing fireworks, they flee from legitimacy, they lose all reason.

— Rafinha

Rafinha, Grêmio side — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

— We understand the discomfort of the fans, the frustration, but here no one is kidding, doing something wrong. Everyone is fighting to get Grêmio out of this situation. The fan is fully entitled to charge, but in a totally different way, not in this way. We hope that doesn’t happen anymore. It harms us, who rely on the fans to get out of this. We’re sad, it’s not what we want – pointed out Rafinha.

The Grêmio protest, called by social networks and considered peaceful, ended up in conflict with the police. In addition to the club bus, four cars were hit: two cooks, a security guard and a member of the technical committee.

“It’s sad for all of us, no one wants to go through this. Sometimes the way to protest has a limit. When he moves to the side of aggression, which can hurt someone, cause damage, he breaks out of the pattern. It does not justify. It is not because you are not earning that you have the right to throw stones or fireworks inside the bus. I don’t agree and I don’t accept. Nobody accepts – completed Rafinha.

Another topic of the week was the departure of defensive midfielder Maicon from Grêmio. One of the main leaders of the squad alongside Geromel and Kannemann, the midfielder terminated the contract, something that took all the players by surprise, according to Rafinha’s account.

I didn’t really know, I found out later, but it took it by surprise. Nobody expected this.

— Rafinha

— A very sad situation. Maicon is a great friend and one of those responsible for my coming, besides being our captain, a leader along with Geromel, Kannemann and Cortez. It’s a big loss, we are sad, one of the best midfielders in Brazilian football. It deserves all the best and we will miss our captain, may he be very happy – completed the full-back.

Grêmio resumed training this Wednesday afternoon at CT Luiz Carvalho. The next game will take place on the 12th, against Ceará, at the Arena, by Brasileirão — the game with Atlético-MG, initially scheduled for the 5th, was postponed.