‘Thanks to wear it,’ says Castan about Vasco’s rainbow shirt

Defender Leandro Castan gave a press conference this Wednesday afternoon (1), days before Vasco’s duel with Brasil de Pelotas for the B Series of the Brazilian Championship. In addition to talking about the irregular campaign of the cross-maltino team in the competition, the shirt 5 was also asked about the episode before the game with Brusque, when the team from São Januário wore a shirt in honor of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, with the rainbow colors in the cross band.

On the occasion, the defender, before the confrontation, published a quote from the Bible on Instagram with the intention of showing the origin of the rainbow, according to the text. “When I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in them, then I will remember my alliance with you and with living beings of all species”, said an excerpt of the text.

Recalling this passage, Castan said that he exposed what he believes, ‘processing the faith’, and that he was “theoretically obligated to wear” the uniform.

The match was won by Vasco and was marked by the commemoration of striker Germán Cano, who raised one of the corner flags, which also had the rainbow colors in reference to the date. The defender, while denying that there was a problem with striker German Cano, said that, if anything, it was resolved internally.

“I know it was a bit marked for me, but as a Christian, processing my faith, that’s what I think. There was no discomfort. Many said that Cano and I had problems, we didn’t. And if we had problems, We settle in the locker room. I’m a captain who will sort things out internally, I won’t fight in front of everyone to want to show up. I don’t know what kind of captain they’re used to, but I do deal internally. I have some captain references I’ve had in my career , like Totti, De Rossi, Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. They are leaders I’ve worked with, I use these mirror faces,” he said.

“Of course I’m not perfect, I’m going to make a mistake, but we’ve resolved things here. You can be sure that here at Vasco there was never any lack of demand and respect. I’m the first to respect the institution, the fan. I was theoretically forced to wear a shirt, some people didn’t like it. I respect everyone and I think I have to be respected,” he added.