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The Serif had its launch announced in Brazil this Tuesday (31) with the mission to expand the Lifestyle category of smart TVs from Samsung. The design award-winning model combines technology and looks to deliver a premium finish that fits and decorates the environment. This sophistication is reflected in the price: The Serif will cost BRL 12,499 on the brand’s official website, which starts selling the product in the first week of September.

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Under the concept of “unconditionally beautiful”, the television comes in a unique option in white color and with a 55-inch QLED 4K screen. The smart TV can be placed on the floor, with the easel-shaped stand, or on a rack — there is no possibility of fixing the set to the wall. Samsung promises 100% color volume for vivid, lifelike images, and the same ten years warranty against the burn-in effect of the QLED line.

The Serif: smart TV from Samsung ‘design icon’ arrives in Brazil — Photo: Divulgação/Samsung

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In terms of connectivity, the TV offers a Tap View function, which allows you to mirror the cell phone screen on the TV, NFC for close-up music playback and Air Play 2. Another highlight is that the screen can be divided into two, with TV content on one side and the smartphone screen on the other. The Serif supports Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant, all available in Portuguese.

The Serif was designed by Samsung in partnership with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, who are brothers, with the aim of having a 360º beauty. Therefore, the target audience of the product, according to the manufacturer, is the “decoration and interior design enthusiast”.

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The Serif promises to delight consumers who are looking for a unique style product, which literally fits the quality “Icon in Design”.

— Gulherme Campos, Senior Manager of the TV and Audio Division of Samsung Brazil

The focus on the device’s look also extends to when the TV is off. Instead of a black screen, Environment Mode 4.0 offers decorative screens to simulate artwork and spruce up the space. In addition, the television’s side finish is inspired by the serifed “I” letter. Throughout this set, The Serif received awards such as the IF (World Design Guide) and the Good Design Award.

The Serif was designed to be “beautiful from every angle” — Photo: Press Release/Samsung

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