the sky of september 2021

September is when Brazil completes its anniversary, considering the date on which the country’s independence was declared by D. Pedro I, 07/09/1822. The month starts with multiple intense astrological aspects. One of them takes place between Sol and Neptune who, from the 6th to the 21st, will be in opposition, pointing out the need to guard against escapism, lies, fraud and falsehood, in all fields.

The new Moon in Virgo is also very important for Brazil, as it has an important symbolism: the possibility of a new cycle, over the next 12 months, which will bring new perspectives and paths. However, this condition does not occur immediately, as September brings challenges right from the start. Uranus, the star of the technological revolution and scientific advances, plays an important role in this lunation, pointing to a renovating quality, even if we do not know the origin and direction of the changes.

Even in the first week, Mars and Neptune signal discouragement and bewilderment, especially in matters of health and the environment. This will happen through lies proliferated by social networks, gossip and information that alarm everyone. This aspect colors with indecisions and uncertainties both questions about health and about the environment and natural resources. Mars in Virgo also represents problems with animals, which may indicate some kind of imbalance in relation to livestock.

Mars, representing civil servants and the Armed Forces, indicates a proliferation of lies that bewilder everyone. Between the 3rd and the 7th, Venus and Pluto in tension denote attacks on female figures and represent a delicate period for women. On the economic front, this aspect points to fluctuations on the Stock Exchange due to global conditions, probably linked to some problem in the Middle East. In fact, something that has been progressively escalating.

The good aspects of the first week come from Sun and Uranus, on the days between 03 and 09, which can bring encouragement to the national technological area, especially that linked to education and media. Furthermore, Mercury and Saturn favor political talks and negotiations involving the Senate, Chambers and State Governments, perhaps with the support of media and communication companies.

On the 10th, Venus enters Scorpio, a sign that highlights the attempts to reach an agreement by the Federal Government with state sectors. However, the results must be meager, as these negotiations will likely be based on intimidation and pressure. Between 15 and 18, the courts must restrict these occurrences, although disagreements and debates can maintain an aggressive tone. Mars enters Libra on the 14th, which could mean the rise of strategic female figures in the political game.

The Full Moon occurs in Pisces on the 20th, triggering the generous and compassionate spirit. From then on, we can expect some support from issues related to health and the pandemic. An agreement between state governments can emerge in favor of positive measures for the people. Between 19 and 22, Mercury and Jupiter favored international financial and economic transactions, which will depend on diplomatic initiatives with an impact on national health.

The third week, however, reserves some serious clashes related to data invasion, privacy threats, technological fraud, hacker movement and cybercrime. Some companies and major agencies run the risk of having their data leaked.

Spring begins on the 22nd, with the Libra Sun bringing hope of justice, balance and peace. Everything Brazilians most want and need right now, right? Sun, Mars and Saturn on the one hand, with Venus and Neptune on the other, indicate a less belligerent end of the month and agreements on issues that are truly important to the Brazilian people.

On the 27th, Mercury in Libra starts its retrograde movement, opening the season to review, talk again, refine and improve what was done in the previous weeks. Closing the month, the waning Moon in Cancer goes hand in hand with a powerful aspect between Venus and Pluto, reinforcing the importance of care, support for the population and female strength in political negotiations.