The target of criticism, Lucca, from Fluminense, seeks distance from the networks: “I received a little beating” | Rio de Janeiro

Author of a free kick last Monday, at Fluminense’s 2-0 victory over Bahia, Lucca went through a period of few internal chances and many external criticisms. After finishing the 2020 season as a starter, the striker was little used during Roger’s work, but he returned to gain ground with Marcão. In a press conference on Wednesday, he admitted that it was not easy to work his head, especially in relation to the attacks suffered on social networks, an environment that, now, seeks to keep some distance:

– It’s not easy, you come from a Brazilian Championship playing good games, helping the team to reach a competition that everyone expected. With the change, thoughts a little different… But I always tried to respect. Thank God Professor Roger has no reason to speak ill of me, nor do I have any reason to speak of him. He’s a very nice guy.

“It wasn’t easy, I ended up getting a bit of a beating. You’re liable to play good games and, a failure, you’re already beating yourself. It’s not easy. Even more so today with social networks, a lot of people without thinking talking nonsense. Yeah. try to get away and keep working”.

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Lucca at a press conference at Fluminense — Photo: LUCAS MERÇON / FLUMINENSE FC

Title holder in Marcão’s three games ahead of the team, Lucca made a point of thanking the coach for the opportunities. dear by the group, the attacker has already received praise from Fred, who compared him to Gum, and from the physical trainer Jefferson Souza, for whom he even dedicated his last goal.

– I am very grateful (to Marcao). He is a guy who is giving me opportunities, who trusts my work, who has always made this very clear to me. It makes us more and more motivated to enter the field and be able to help (…) And I’ll always be available. Marcão is a guy who has my respect and, regardless of anything, he’s a friend I’m making in football.

Lucca and Fluminense return to the field this Thursday, at 7 pm (GMT), to face Juventude, at Maracanã, in a postponed game, valid for the 14th round of the Brazilian Championship. With 21 points, the Tricolor is in 13th place; with the same score, the team from Rio Grande do Sul is the 14th.

At 35 min of the 1st half - free-kick by Lucca do Fluminense against Bahia

At 35 min of the 1st half – free-kick by Lucca do Fluminense against Bahia

See other answers from Lucca at the press conference:

Fluminense’s Artillery in Brasileirão (with three goals)

– Let’s move on, let’s see what happens. There are many games, and whenever I can help, that I can score, I’ll be very happy. The most important thing, which must always be in first place, is Fluminense’s victory.

More about reviews on social media

– It is extremely complicated, because they are things that we cannot control. There is no way for us to say: “How are you saying something like this?”. I try not to answer anyone at all. But the family ends up suffering, right?! Sometimes, they cannot have contact with us (players), and the family receives messages. It’s difficult, people don’t know what happens here, what everyday life is like.

– I want to do my job in the best possible way, I won’t play all the games well, there isn’t a player in the world who can do it. All fluctuate, it’s normal for the number of games. We always want to do our best, but there are days when things don’t go our way. And saying that to the fans… It won’t do any good, sometimes, it will even make them angrier (laughs).

“I’m even trying to get away. I admire people who get a lot of thrashing on social media and ‘life goes on.’

Differences between Roger and Marcão’s work

– It’s the way of working, the way of training. They are people who think a little differently and we try to fit in. Roger did a great job, but unfortunately we left a very important competition, which everyone wanted, and because of the time we were living at the Brazilian Nationals, it ended up leaving. But, without a doubt, it is a work that needs to be praised. It is not easy to reach the quarterfinals of the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil. We are still alive in the Copa do Brasil.

– Marcão has different ideas, different moves, but we have to try to get it as quickly as possible. I’m looking to do my job. I was always ready when Roger commanded. And now again, I’m here strong and strong, anytime. If I’m going to start playing, or if it’s a substitute, I don’t have much vanity, but obviously every player wants to play as many minutes as possible. Marcao is a guy who likes me, who talked, who is always with me.

More about working with Marcao

– Tactically, he knows me very well, he knows my characteristics. I’m a guy who always fights very hard, who is helping the team tactically. It’s my thing to be happy with the happiness of my partner. I try to make my team-mate better positioned to score a goal, follow a play and, from time to time, we’ll also score a few goals to help.

Marcão, Fluminense — Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense FC

Fred’s Praise and Gum Comparison

– I was very happy. Obviously, my family too, my father who is an admirer of Fred, made him very proud. It’s amazing to see your family happy with their work. I want to be liked a little bit, at least 30% of what Gum is here, right? He’s a very respected guy, and I’m going my way, always thinking about good things, about positive things.

After Fluminense’s victory over Sport, Fred posted a message to Lucca — Photo: Reproduction

Group relationship and internal support

– This is really cool. Football is very dynamic, you end up staying at the club for a few months, maybe even for a few years, but friendship… You arrive at the club, be able to talk to many people, as I have this relationship, this is undoubtedly difficult to happen. Sometimes, you spend a year at the club, two years, and you just arrived, played, arrived to train, went to the games and that’s it. This friendly relationship is cool. We feel that people who are here on a daily basis often don’t appear on camera, but they are very important people for us, and I’m usually grateful.

– It’s not always just about joy. In joy, it’s very easy. But when you’re having a hard time, and seeing that people are on your side, that’s cool. And it’s only fair that I’m grateful for people like these (…) I’m absolutely sure that when I leave here, there are people I’ll always take with me, who will always be in my heart.

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