The tears in the embrace of Willian and his father Severino, on his return to the beloved Corinthians – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

The image was too simple, in this wild capitalist world.

All the money that Corinthians will have to move, R$ 1.5 million per month, until the end of 2023. The pounds sterling that Willian gave up until the end of 2022, R$ 1.3 million every 30 days.

The move that the marketing board is making to try to find a company willing to pay at least part of the 33-year-old player’s millionaire salary.

Everything was left behind, in front of an embrace.

After Willian’s protocol hugs to president Adilson Monteiro Alves and soccer director and former president Roberto de Andrade, it was the midfielder’s turn to wrap Severino da Silva, his father, in his arms.

And the hug was long, poignant, with Severino crying a lot.

This was the most important scene of Corinthians’ 111th anniversary.

It has an explanation.

Severino is directly responsible for Willian’s career.

It was he who encouraged him when he was a boy to play indoor soccer at Ribeirão Pires Futebol Clube. He knew that the only way for the frail son to excel would be skill.

It was his control of the ball and his speed that made him pass a test at Corinthians, at the age of 10 years. Since then, Severino has done everything for the boy’s dream of becoming a professional player.

He followed his son closely at Parque São Jorge.

He even moved to São Paulo to follow his son’s career. So that on the day off I wouldn’t be alone in Parque São Jorge. He didn’t want his son ‘free’ in São Paulo.

It was a difficult life with his wife Maria. Severino was a car parts salesman.

He proudly saw Willian establish himself at Corinthians and be chosen by Kia Joorabchian, former president of MSI, to be his agent. And, at age 19, take him to Ukraine, to Shakhtar Donetsk. And from there, to Anzhi, from Dagestan, Russian province. Then, at its height, at Chelsea.

And the frustrating trip to Arsenal.

Severino suffered a lot from his son’s poor performance at the London club, Chelsea’s rivals. The English press has not forgiven Willian’s weak football. What only worsened the player’s anguish at not being called up by Tite, since 2019.

Hence Severino’s joy and cheering for his son, with his financial life already resolved, to return to Parque São Jorge. Had the support of the fans, the press, the leaders. Regain respect as a player.

The two suffered a huge blow in 2016, when Willian’s mother died of cancer. She really wanted her son to come back to play in Brazil, close to her. With granddaughters Valentina and Manuela.

Joining the joy of hearing the siren ringing to greet the return of his son, in Parque São Jorge, with the sadness that his wife Maria was no longer alive to see this moment, Severino cried a lot, hugging his son.

Tears of joy and sadness, longing at the same time.

It was the most touching moment.

Most special of Corinthians’ 111th anniversary.

The loving embrace between a father and a son…