The victory over Gois could make Cruzeiro its best position in this Series B

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

O cruise no easy task next Tuesday (7th), when measuring forces with Gois, at 9:30 pm, in Serrinha, in Goinia, for the 22nd round of Series B of the Brazilian Championship. If you get the positive result away from home in front of the runner-up, the reward can be felt on the leaderboard.

In case of victory, Cruzeiro will reach 28 points and have the possibility of finishing the round in 12th place, surpassing rowing, which adds up to 27, and the Brusque, which has 26. Pará and Santa Catarina, however, could not win their duels against Botafogo (Saturday) and Ava (Friday). Remo still needs to be defeated in its commitment against the Cariocas.

If the celestial victory is confirmed and the combinations of results favor it, Cruzeiro would reach its best position in this edition of series B. So far, the team led by Vanderlei Luxemburgo has reached, at most, the 13th place (in rounds 7, 9 and 10).

For the game in front of the goals, Vanderlei Luxemburgo is embezzled by defensive midfielder Flvio, who received the third yellow card in the 0-0 draw with the CRB last Sunday. The tendency is for Rmulo to resume his position in midfield, as right-back Ral Cceres can return to the team after recovering from a sprained right ankle.

Incumbent on the left side, the young Matthew Pereira, increasingly important in Cruzeiro’s scheme, projected a complicated duel against Gois, who are undefeated in Serie B for seven matches (three wins and four draws).

“It will be a very difficult game, an away game. Gois is doing well in the competition, but we come from a very good crescent, there are eight games without losing and three games without conceding goals. We have a very good crescent with the teacher and we hope to make a great game there (in Goinia) to come out with the three points, which is our main objective”, he projected.