Three batches with 440,362 doses against Covid arrive in Ceará this Wednesday (1) – Metro

Ceará should receive this Wednesday (1st) more 440,362 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 sent by the Ministry of Health. The immunization agents will arrive at Fortaleza Airport in three separate shipments, being 357,202 from CoronaVac, 27 thousand from AstraZeneca and 56,160 from Pfizer.

According to an announcement by Governor Camilo Santana, the batch of CoronaVac should be delivered by the end of the morning, and will be used for the application of D1 and D2. The AstraZeneca, which will serve only for D2, is scheduled to arrive in the afternoon. Pfizer’s shipment, in turn, will be in the Capital at the end of the night for D2.

“We continue advancing with the immunization of Ceará. So far, 7,714,975 doses have been applied throughout the state”, reinforced the governor in a publication on social networks.

Delta variant

The new shipment of anticovid doses takes place a day after the confirmation of the first death by the Delta variant in Ceará. The State Department of Health (Sesa) reported that the 45-year-old man had obesity and had not received the immunizing agent.

The holder of the Ministry, Marcos Gadelha, warned that the population must be aware that they face vaccination “as the main weapon for us to fight against this pandemic”.

Of the 96 cases of the Delta variant in Ceará, only 28 are vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least one dose, which represents an indicative of 29%. Of these, 16 completed the vaccination schedule with two doses or a single dose.


  1. Access the Digital Health website
  2. Select the option “I still don’t have a record”
  3. Identify yourself by correctly filling in your data
  4. At this stage of registration, it must be informed if the person is bedridden, has any comorbidity and profession.
  5. Confirm your data and create a password to access the registration
  6. Complete the registration and wait for your appointment.
  7. In Fortaleza, it is possible to follow the list of scheduled appointments on the website. Names are released daily.


It is necessary to present RG, CPF, National Health Card (CNS) and proof of residence. Adolescents who do not have a RG can bring a birth certificate and a document with a photo, which can be the Bilhete Único or the student ID card.

In the case of a second dose, also take the vaccination card.

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