Tiago Nunes assesses Vina’s situation in Ceará and details planning: “It has to be always activated”

The coach James Nunes was presented in the Ceará this week and will have the mission to replace Guto Ferreira, who spent about 1 year and a half in charge of the team and could not resist the sequence of bad results. One of the challenges for the new coach will be to recover football from vina, great individual highlight in 2020 is that live an season below expectations.

Last year, shirt 29 scored 23 goals and still distributed 19 assists in 59 performances. In 2021, Vina has 33 games, with five goals and five decisive passes. The attacking midfielder reached lose space with Guto Ferreira, appearing among the reserves. Confident in the player, James Nunes indicated the planning that will put into practice.

First, he is an athlete known to have high technical potential and ability to solve the game. He is able to participate more in decisive moments with assists, goals, passes that precede assists. Whenever he touches the ball he is decisive“, said the commander, who will work to increase Vina’s participation in matches.

The midfielder has the confidence of the new coach (Photo: Pedro Chaves/AGIF)

The midfielder has the confidence of the new coach (Photo: Pedro Chaves/AGIF)

It has to be always being activated, empowered. He has to touch the ball all the time. The coach’s role is to collaborate in this regard“, he added. In the evaluation of Tiago Nunes, the collective effort will be decisive for the recovery of the good football of the shirt 29, which has been more marked after standing out last season.

There is a portion that has to come from the athlete himself. He is being targeted more now. Opponents are more careful. He has to rediscover himself in this sense. The athlete himself brings a greater charge than he needs, sometimes. Collective mechanics have to help too. The team has to help and he has to give himself“he stated.

I see him with great potential, which will be important for Ceará, playing or joining, but I see him with the potential to be decisive for our team“, completed Tiago Nunes. debut of the new coach will be on 12th, Sunday, at 11 am (GMT), against the Guild, in Porto Alegre (RS).