Tiago Nunes did not ask to be hired immediately and can rescue athletes in low demand, says president of Ceará

– On the list of the new coach of Ceará there were four names. Even Ceni entered the list, soon discarded by President Robinson de Castro, claiming that they had recently passed through Fortaleza, the repercussion could be negative with the Alvinegra fans. Football nonsense, still unrealistic. That time has passed.

– Well then. For the coach that Ceará was looking for, Ceni, my personal opinion, would still be the best solution for countless reasons. One of them, having left Fortaleza, then, already adapted to our football, went to Flamengo, where he had a relatively good passage. It fell for not having the stuff of an experienced technician yet. Another boast.

– Then the names of André Jardine, from the Olympic team, and Dorival Júnior remained, the last of which was exactly Tiago Nunes, who had shone at Athletico-PR, two years ago. But, soon after, he had a great experience with Corinthians and also with Grêmio. Technician’s life is like that, similar to that of gypsies.

– WHAT was the criterion by which Ceará was based to bring the gaucho? It may have been the salary in the smallest account (R$ 400 thousand), involving three members of the technical committee, who will be paid by him, Nunes. It became customary. In this swarm comes a football analyst, when Ceará already has a sector that takes care of it. Guto earned around R$300 thousand.


– EXAMINED the résumés with its two executives, for more than three hours, they concluded that the name to hit the hammer would be Tiago Nunes, one of the four who were free. Robinson also discarded the name of any Argentine for reasons already explained here in this precious corner.

– FOR him, Robinson, they are doing enormous harm to our football by bringing foreign coaches, devaluing Brazilians, as if, all of a sudden, everyone was unlearned how to manage a team. The problem lies precisely there. Sometimes they hire more by name. Name still weighs more, despite Tiago Nunes having only shone at Athletico-PR.

– CONVERSA go, chat, package closed for R$ 400 thousand. Never get carried away by conversation with a hat. He always wants to value the merchandise. What other markets didn’t see, Alvinegro remembered to hook. Tiago must have taken a deep breath as he had been free for over three months. For those who collect curiosity — a nail beaten at 9:06 pm. Tiago disembarks today to roll up his sleeves.


– The ONLY request that Robinson made was that he wanted to see Ceará playing forward, in search of the goal, saturated with Guto’s tiresome and boring rame-rame scheme. He wasn’t interested in winning. A tie would be great. Things from the old woman’s bow.

– A REQUEST, coincidence or not, was the same that Marcelo Paz demanded recently when he opted for Vojvoda, found in the thickets of Argentina by Alex Santiago, his football director and his successor at the end of the year. Vojvoda, even unknown, fit like a glove, changing the face of that fearful Fortaleza, from the days of Enderson Moreira.

– OF COURSE Tiago Nunes agreed. First, so as not to miss out on the job. Second, because his favorite playbook is 4-3-3, varying to 4-4-2, the least bad of them all. In theory, of course. In practice, the story can change the costume. Nunes just didn’t want to leave the horse saddled at his door to leave without him mounted. That is — it was take it or leave it. Took.


– TOGETHER with the fans of Ceará the name of Tiago Nunes sounds strange. Out of ten, four must have heard of him at some point. It doesn’t matter if he shows a new Ceará that Robinson craves so much and the Alvinegra fans join in the chorus. It’s hard to look up on the table and see the rival in the top three of the Brasileirão.


– And what was the magic wand? Vojvoda changed everything in there with two words — intensity and playing for your opponent’s goal.

– It doesn’t always work, as happened with Cuiabá, in that goalless draw. Tricolor saw a bear with a collar to pierce the blockade and failed. In fact, had it not been for Boeck twice saving the tricolor goal, the zebra would have been the size of Castelão.


– EASY to explain? All coaches know how their opponents work. Jorginho, from Cuiabá, an old monkey by profession, blocked the half-court, formed a second wall, appealed to his team’s fatigue and sporadic counterattacks.

– SAME system that set up against Palmeiras. It worked and won. A zebra. Here, it was almost a rerun of a movie from the stagecoach time. It would be worse…

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