Tite hides the team’s starting lineup to face Chile and emphasizes “fair competition” between athletes

Tite, the Brazilian national team coach, spoke this Wednesday about the confrontation between Brazil and Chile, which will take place this Thursday, at 10 pm (GMT). The coach did not reveal the initial lineup, but highlighted the “fair competition” among the athletes.”

“These are opportunities (for athletes). We have a group of 40, 50, players that we are always monitoring. They are top-level athletes, with a history in the national team, qualified enough to be here. We encourage fair competition. The better a player plays. , the other athlete will have to improve his performance”.

The coach spoke about the environment at the national team, with players who had never been called up alongside veterans. “Athletes feel very proud, this is in their behavior, ranging from the youngest to the most experienced. Only for us to see athletes like Dani, like Miranda, their behavior. We see in young people the feeling he has of coming here and we have to provide that they have the role they do in his clubs, this creates tranquility. There is a process of evolution, we are in a process of team building,” said the former Corinthians coach.

C├ęsar Sampaio, Tite’s technical assistant, was at the press conference and spoke a little about Chile. “Let’s go by parts (regarding the classification), we are achieving regularity, we are now focusing on Chile. We had a recent victory against them, it’s a team that plays on automatic but on the other hand we also have a well-defined model. Playing at home, the trend is for Chile to loosen up more. Let’s focus on them first and move up step by step in the competition.”

Asked if he could use a line of three defenders in defense, Tite said that Brazil’s main concern today is the offensive part. “We may have this possibility, I don’t rule it out. What I understand is that we have a defensive solidity. And if you modify the defensive process, it ends up generating an unknown, the dynamics change. If the team had an impaired defensive structure , maybe, but our adjustment process now is in attack. We are scoring a lot of goals being vertical,” he concluded.

Brazil faces Chile in the 9th round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, at the Monumental Stadium in Santiago. The team is the leader of the competition, with six victories in six games.

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