To expand production in Goiás, CAOA hires 385 more people

To expand production in Goiás, CAOA hires 385 more people

The moment is of crisis in the global automotive sector and it is not directly related to the pandemic, but its consequence, the lack of chips. However, not all manufacturers are being hit hard, as in the case of Stellantis in Brazil.

At CAOA, the lack of inputs does not seem to be an immediate problem, as the Brazilian automaker seeks to expand production in Goiás, where it has its plant in the city of Anápolis.

Aiming to expand the unit’s cadence by 28%, CAOA is hiring 385 more people. According to Mauro Correa, CEO of CAOA Automaker, the idea is to hire more and that is already scheduled.

Correia told the Auto Data website: “This year alone, we created 789 new direct jobs and we hope to make new hires in the coming days. These vacancies are part of a large plan that we started in 2020 for the Anápolis plant, which includes an investment of R$1.5 billion over five years.”

To expand production in Goiás, CAOA hires 385 more people

At a time when big players are being affected by the lack of chips, CAOA is looking to expand market share with more volume. At this stage, whoever guarantees production, jumps ahead or gains space.

Currently, CAOA produces the Hyundai ix35 and New Tucson models in Anapolis, in addition to the HR and HD78 trucks. However, the fastest growing company in the company is Caoa Chery and a trio of Tiggo is made there (5x, 7 and 8).

The brand is already in the Top 10 of the national ranking, surpassing the French Peugeot and Citroën, the Japanese Mitsubishi and Ford. In addition, Chery has ammunition for CAOA to keep a pace with national news in the market.

At Hyundai, the ix35 is an older product and the New Tucson didn’t have the same appeal as the previous generation. What is expected is the arrival of the new generation, preferably nationally, but after the victory against the Korean, it is still unknown how the relationship turned out for future nationalizations.

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