Twitter may accept Bitcoin as payment for content creators soon

SAO PAULO – Twitter may be close to accepting payment using Bitcoin on its platform, more specifically in the newly created system in which users can give “tips” to content creators.

The information was first given by the MacRumors website, which verified that a beta version of the social network is testing the service, called “Tip Jar” (which in English refers to the jars used to deposit tips) using the cryptocurrency.

Twitter has not yet confirmed the information.

According to the rumor, when the new thing is implemented, there will also be educational content for users about Bitcoin, including explanations about what Lightning Network is, custodial wallets and non-custodial wallets.

The leak also indicates that you will need an account on Strike, a billing service that will be responsible for accepting and converting bitcoins, to be able to use this method.

It is worth remembering that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is a great enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and in July he had already given an indication about the inclusion of digital currency in the “tips” platform.

At the time he stated that Bitcoin should also be used for other products, including “Super Follows”, “Commerce” and “Subscriptions”.

In addition, Square, a company founded by Dorsey that stores bitcoins on its balance sheet, recently said it plans to develop a portfolio of hardware for the cryptocurrency.

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