Twitter tests ‘safe mode’ that automates profile blocking for 7 days | Technology

Twitter announced on Wednesday (1) the test of a “safe mode”, which will automate the blocking of profiles for 7 days for users.

Blocking the social network does not mean that an account will be blocked from posting – in practice, the feature will automate the “block” option that each person can do on profiles that annoy them.

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The “safe mode” will debut in testing phase “for a small group of people” who use the app for iPhone, Android phones or the web version, on the computer. According to the social network, the experiment will start on accounts that use English as their language..

To perform an automatic blocking, the system will take into account the language used in interactions, such as replies to tweets.

If Twitter’s artificial intelligence deems that a profile is using insults or is sending repetitive tweets to a person, that account will automatically be blocked for that user.

Thereby, the author of the unwanted posts will not be able to follow the profile that blocked him, nor see the tweets and send direct messages.

Twitter has stated that it will take into account past interactions between people – if offensive language happens in responses between people who interact a lot with each other or who follow each other, automatic blocking will not occur.

“We’re not always going to get it right and we can make mistakes, so Safe Mode’s automatic locks can be seen and undone at any time in your settings,” explains the platform.

The social network said the goal is to promote healthier conversations on its platform and that it plans to expand the feature to all users after testing – but there are no details on when that should happen.