Two men arrested on suspicion of graffiti on the house of the president of the deliberative council of Cruzeiro | cruise

The Civil Police carried out search and seizure warrants this Tuesday morning at the home of two suspects of having painted graffiti in the building where the president of the Deliberative Council of Cruzeiro, Nagib Simões, lives in Belo Horizonte.

The men will be indicted for the crimes of graffiti, threats, criminal organization and disturbing the peace. During the action, the police seized laptops, phones and supporters’ materials in the fans’ homes. Marijuana was also found with one of them.

According to investigations, they participated in attacks on the homes of Cruzeiro leaders in July this year. The videos show at least four men graffiti on the door of the Nagib building. According to police, one of them assumed that he participated in the vandalism.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of graffiti at the house of Nagib Simões, from Cruzeiro — Photo: Social networks

According to delegate Wesley Campos, the suspects said they were against “such a board” and told the police that they did not take the action financed by anyone, because they were unhappy with the situation of the club, but that “it has nothing to do with a political dispute inside the Cruise,” he said.

Investigations continue to identify two other suspects. Nagib Simões’ lawyer, João Vitorino, said he is “satisfied with the speed” of the investigation and that he believes that now the police will “reach the masters” of the crime of graffiti in his client’s house.