Valorant gets new H-shaped map and history-related objects – 09/01/2021

Riot Games announced today (1) that one of the new features in the VALORANT 3.05 update, scheduled for later this month, will be a new map. Called Fracture, it will have a unique format, similar to the letter H, and for the first time will bring interactive objects connected with the game’s story.

The space is made up of the Defender Side in the center, separating two very different biomes on the sides: one more desert and another with dense vegetation. There will be ziplines to move quickly between them. Check out the trailer:

It is the seventh map of VALORANT, along with breeze, ascent, bind, Haven, icebox and split. Its unique disposition is a consequence of Terra Espelhada, an alternative version of our Earth, which had been revealed in the animated short film Duality. And as such, this alternate world also has its own version of Kingdom, the omnipotent company in VALORANT’s mythology.

Interactive items will serve to explain part of this story – but players will have to unravel the rest.

Valorant, Fracture map - Press Release/Riot Games - Press Release/Riot Games
Image: Disclosure/Riot Games

According to level designer Joe Lansford, the map was inspired by the question: “What if the attackers started on both sides, with the defenders in the middle?” Players will have to adapt their strategies: “Who exactly does neutral space give an advantage to?” asks Lansford.

Riot Games has not yet confirmed the exact date of the Valorant 3.05 update.