Velázquez is in doubt, and Robson starts preparing Santos as a starter

Robson lives the expectation of starting Santos against Cuiabá next Saturday, at Arena Pantanal, for the 19th and final round of the first round of the Brazilian Championship.

With the muscle injuries of Kaiky and Luiz Felipe, Robson entered the second half of the game against Athletico and started against Flamengo. In both defeats, he didn’t compromise.

Robson started the preparation for the duel with Cuiabá as a starter alongside Wagner Palha. And the question is whether Emiliano Velázquez will be able to act.

The first hurdle is bureaucratic: Peixe sent the necessary documentation and awaits regularization at the CBF between Thursday and Monday.

And the second obstacle is physical. The Uruguayan defender has not played since June 20, still playing for Rayo Vallecano (ESP), and is looking for reconditioning. He has improved, but is still far from ideal.

As it is difficult to place a defender for just a few minutes, coach Fernando Diniz adopts caution, observes the performance and intends to talk with the athlete to decide the date for the debut.

With this lack of definition of Velázquez on and off the field, Robson may have another opportunity. The definition should only take place on Friday, during training in Cuiabá. The cast will still work this Thursday afternoon, at CT Rei Pelé.

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