Verstappen says he has no power to stop Hamilton boos in the Netherlands | formula 1

After the controversial incident involving Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in England, which culminated in the Dutchman’s abandonment, the rival of Mercedes was booed in the next two stages, in Hungary and Belgium, great stronghold of fans of the RBR driver. Now F1 has arrived in the Netherlands and Hamilton’s boos should be heard even louder. Verstappen, for his part, says that there is nothing he can do to stop his fans from demonstrating.

– When you go to a football match, fans boo the opposing team at some point, but it’s not up to the home team to go to the crowd and say, “you guys can’t boo” because it’s something that happens. So I don’t think it’s my duty to ask them that, because I’m not them and I need to focus on what I’m doing on the track. I could say you can’t boo, but do you think they’ll hear me? I’m sure most are here to have an amazing weekend and see the race and of course some will boo, but there’s nothing I can do,” explains Max.

Max Verstappen waves to the English fans in the stands at Silverstone — Photo: Dan Istitene/F1 via Getty Images

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Despite claiming to be powerless in relation to the actions of the fans, Verstappen guarantees that the boos to the rival does not serve as motivation.

– It would be bad if that motivated me. As long as it doesn’t affect Lewis, I think that’s the most important thing. What I hope for the whole weekend is that everyone can have fun, see the cars on the track and see us battling for the best possible result – he says.

Max Verstappen fans at the Austrian Formula 1 GP — Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

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Interestingly, whether to win over the Dutch or as a way to confront rival fans, Lewis appeared on the Zandvoort circuit this Thursday morning, all in orange, the color present on the Dutch flag and representing Verstappen fans.

After being booed in Hungary after taking the pole, Hamilton assured that the demonstration only served to propel him into the fight for the championship.

– Honestly, I’ve never felt so good with boos. Actually, it just feeds me, so I don’t care – said the Brit.

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Netherlands GP info and timetable — Photo: Infoesporte