Whindersson advises Leo Picon, influencer apologizes for controversy

The ex-participant of Vacation With Ex, Leo Picon, used his social networks to apologize after a recent controversy that reverberated on social networks. The digital influencer was the target of criticism from netizens, after posting a video in which he calls a child a drug dealer. In the images that were condemned on the web, Leo films the boy from inside his car and announces him to his millions of followers, on his official Instagram profile, as “Traficante de informaciones”.

After being harshly criticized on the networks for associating a community child with trafficking, the influencer explained: “It was a game that, obviously, when you take it, break it up and put it out of context, it’s easy. It’s a dish made for anyone who wants to attack me, for anyone who wants to discredit me, for anyone who wants to create a narrative that plays against me”.

And he continued: “I fight a lot to be able to express myself and do the things that I like to do, that have fun, that generate a smile. I didn’t humiliate anyone, I didn’t mean to. To take such a small fragment of that trip, fifteen seconds where I’m speaking as a character, I’m playing a parade in Spanish, and putting that out hurts me a lot. Within a character, within a game, this line doesn’t have all the weight you’re putting”, tried to argue.

After explaining himself on his official Twitter profile, Leo Picon returned to social media, this time to apologize, motivated by a call from comedian Whindersson Nunes: “I just got a call from a guy I like a lot, who is Whindersson, and from our conversation he was able to explain to me why my joke reverberated so much… I could understand the wound I stirred, I would like to apologize to everyone, to the boy, to the family, I am trying to get in touch with them”.

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And this isn’t the first time the former MTV reality contestant has been involved in a controversy. In the month of June, it was revealed with exclusivity by EM OFF, an audio conversation where Leo humiliates a follower. According to information given by the fan himself, he left a comment in a Picon stories with the phrase “what a monkey” and that was enough for an attack of rage coming from the manager.

“Oh trout, do you think you’re talking to whoever your c ishuh? Do you think here is what? Are you an Internet influencer? You’re talking to a man, not just any kid! Mico is your existence, your insignificance. You’d better apologize to me, I want to see you write apologies on this page.Who are you talking to? Are you stoned?”, said the singer by audio sent to the fan by direct.

O IN OFF he even talked to a follower of Leo Picon at the time, who declined to be identified as he was very shaken by the attacks. The internet user also reported that he was undergoing treatment for depression. And this is the second time the digital influencer has used his social networks to apologize after controversy.

In April of that year, the artist apologized after making a transphobic comment. When answering internet followers if he had ever kissed a man, the influencer informed that he had already hooked up with a trans woman in Madrid, Spain: “In 2015, I kissed a man in Madrid”, started saying Jade Picon’s brother.

I was with Gil Cebola, Jota Amâncio, Alvaro Costa and Neymar pai, then I kissed the most famous transsexual in Spain at a club without knowing he was a trans. Then they told me and I was sad for having been deceived. But it was cool. It was worth it, I recommend it”, after being the target of criticism for the transphobic comment, Leo Picon apologized claiming that he had no knowledge of the matter.

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