Widow of Chico Anysio posts stunning images of the hospitalization by Covid

Writer and businesswoman Malga Di Paula, widow of humorist Chico Anysio, exhibited, last Tuesday night (31/8), on a social network, images of when she was hospitalized as a result of Covid-19.

She was hospitalized on June 22 this year, at the Hospital de Clinicas de Passo Fundo, and was hospitalized for just over two months, until she was discharged on the 24th. During this period, she was intubated for 21 days, she underwent seven lung surgeries and had seven pulmonary drains placed, in addition to requiring hemodialysis, tracheostomy and gastrectomy.

See the images:


“I decided to ‘expose’ my entire saga so that you understand the gravity of this pandemic. I survived Covid-19, but the battle was grueling,” she wrote.