Widow of MC Kevin opens the game about fight with mother of the singer’s daughter: “I apologized”

The lawyer commented on the matter in an interview with Matheus Mazzafera’s channel

By: Laís Mylla | August 31 – 5:06 pm

The widow of singer MC Kevin, Deolane Bezerra, commented in an interview to Matheus Mazzafera channel about her fight with the mother of the funkeiro’s son, two months ago.

At the time, the lawyer revealed that the peace between the two had already been sealed: “I don’t know what happened, she called me apologizing, saying she misinterpreted it. I went through every situation, everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve already had or not. She apologized to me, said she thinks I’m a great woman, I told her ‘if I offended you too, for Soraya [filha do funkeiro] I’m sorry’ and quiet. And today each one in his place”, he said.

Recently, Deolane Bezerra spoke about the alleged criminal complaint that MC VK would have filed against eyewitness Fernando Dimmy Junior, in the case of the death of the funkeiro, who could not resist the fall from the fifth floor of a building, in Rio de Janeiro, on May 11th.

VK allegedly alleged injury and slander against Dimmy, considering that the Portuguese singer claimed that he saw Victor on the balcony of the singer’s room at the time of the accident. On her social network, lawyer Deolane stated that the request was made by herself. READ MORE!


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