Willian second athlete revealed by Corinthians that most played for Seleo; see list

Corinthians brought back to its squad the second player revealed by its youth categories with more games for the Brazilian team. This is the brand that Willian still has in his career, in addition to his excellent spells in football in Ukraine, Russia and England.

Since the first time he was called in, in 2011, until the last time – at least so far -, in 2019, the attacking midfielder of Terrão already has 70 matches for Brazil to his account. Besides, there are two World Cups in the curriculum.

The only one who surpasses Willian in these matters is midfielder Rivellino, perhaps the greatest revelation in Corinthians history. He has participated in 121 matches with Brazil in more than a decade of service, in addition to having participated, as a protagonist, in three World Cups (1970, 1974 and 1978).

With the exception of Reizinho do Parque, something that honors anyone who has left the club, no other athlete formed in the alvinegra base is above Willian in matches for Brazil. At least until next year.

Defender Marquinhos, candidate for captain of Tite’s team in the Russian Cup, in 2022, already has 59 games and is a certain presence in the coach’s calls unless he is dealing with an injury or suspension. He also participated in a Worlds and is trying to match Willian’s next year.

Another member of the current squad is present in this list: the center forward Jô, who has played 20 times for the Seleção and occupies fifth place. Historical idols of the club also appear, especially Neco and Amílcar, who practically came together with the concept of the National Team.

An honorable mention can be made to midfielder Deco, revealed by Timão in 1996. After going to Portugal as a young man, he became a citizen of the European country and had 75 matches for the Portuguese national team in his career, participating in the 2006 and 2006 World Cups. 2010.

See the top-10 of Corinthians spawn in the Seleção:

  1. Rivellino – 121 games
  2. Willian – 70 games
  3. Marks – 59 games
  4. Kleber – 21 games
  5. Jo – 20 games
  6. Casagrande – 19 games
  7. Amilcar – 19 games
  8. Cris – 17 games
  9. Neco – 16 games
  10. Éverton Ribeiro – 15 games

Honorable Mention: Deco, with 75 games for Portugal.

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